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China Tobacco Sichuan lauches HNB device Kung Fu MINIS

On December 8th, the heat-not-burn product KUNGFU MINIS Global Promotion Conference was held in Chengdu.

According to the announcement, under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, some global distributors and members of the “Elite Exchange” market review club are invited to participate.

This “Kung Fu MINIS Global Promotion Conference” is mainly to review the brand creation story, strengthen brand image, build brand culture, launch new products, and expand brand and product recognition.

Compared with the previous Kungfu device, Kungfu MINIS is 11% smaller in size and 15% lighter in weight.

In terms of appearance, Kungfu MINIS is die-casted from aerospace-grade aluminum body into a “space shuttle” shape, with a touch spray on the surface, giving it an extremely round and non-slip feel.

In terms of internal of the devices, Kungfu MINIS uses a more advanced intelligent learning temperature control system, with a 900mA battery capacity, it brings a stable and long-lasting vaping experience.

In addition, in the airway design, Kungfu MINIS refers to the design of the rotary parameter mixing dynamics principle, which serves the purpose of airflow assisted cooling.

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